Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I Rent a Photocopier?

Yes. Our rental period starts from 1 week and up to 60 months.

Which is better, Rental or Purchase ?

It depends on your usage patterns and requirements. Below is a table for both options summarising their pros and cons.

If you are unsure, call us for a FREE assessment and proposal!


Pros Cons
  • Fixed monthly expenses (easier to budget).
  • Rental payments are tax deductible.
  • Flexibility to upgrade anytime throughout the rental duration.
  • Total costs may be higher over time.
  • Cost of the machine is fixed (purchase price).
  • Treated as a company asset and subject to depreciation.
  • Only upgrade path is trading in the old machine.

What is the Meter Charge Agreement (MCA)?

The MCA is a service contract which levies a monthly charge, based on the number of copies/prints produced every month. This charge is calculated by multiplying the cost per copy with the number of copies/prints made every month (30-day cycle). The MCA covers the toners, spare parts and other consumable supplies to ensure the machine is in good working condition throughout the duration of the MCA. The MCA ensures that the machine is fully serviced and maintained by us with no other extra or hidden charges, with minimal interruption and downtime to your business.

Do I get charged for servicing

You will not get charged for our standard servicing; together with toners, spare parts and other consumable supplies as long as they are tied up with our MCA (Meter Charge Agreement).

I do not wish to sign up for the MCA. Are there other options available?

Yes, we have another Warranty Agreement for our Outright Purchase customers. However, we would encourage you to go with the MCA, as it is easily our most cost-effective and hassle-free service maintenance contract. Contact us for more information on the Warranty Agreement.

Can I upgrade my machine halfway into the contract?

Definitely. We offer our customers the option to upgrade to a newer and better machine should your needs change over time. Upgrading can be done at any time throughout the duration of the contract with no penalty to the customers.

Which areas do you cover?

We cover the entire Klang Valley (Kuala Lumpur and Selangor). The Photocopiers we sell, lease and rent are from our office in Shah Alam.

How do I know which package option is best for me?

You may contact us and our well-knowledged sales consultant will further assist and discuss with you on your business needs.

How do I get the best out signing up a package?

Our sales consultant are fully trained and understand ALL aspects of each Photocopier. We train all our partners/clients from A to Z; from standard to multifunction copying. We will ensure that all your staffs are equipped with the knowledge on how to use the brand new/refurbished Photocopier.

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